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Pope Francis and the Coredemptive Role of Mary, the “Woman of Salvation”: What Does It Mean to Say the Mother of God is Co-Redemptrix? Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. & Robert Fastiggi, Ph.D. 

Pope Francis, the Humility of Mary, and the role of “Co-Redemptrix” Robert Fastiggi, Ph.D. 

Reflections on Mary: Understanding the Immaculate Conception and Mary's example for humanity as a Co-redeemer Anne, A Lay Apostle. 

Our Undying Lady: The Case for Mary’s Preservation from Death Andrew C. Mercer, Ph.D. Cand. 

Apologia Pro Dogma Sua: Ecclesial, Anthropological, and Contemporary Global Fruits from a Potential New Marian Dogma Mark Miravalle, S.T.D. 

The Virgin Mary’s Intercessory Aversion of the Divine Wrath: Ante-Chalcedonian Foundations of Medieval Piety Jack J. Lake 

Bérulle’s Marian Way to Jesus: The Christocentric Praxis of Cardinal Pierre de Bérulle’s Marian États Revealed Through the Lens of Self-Gift Rick Perry, Ph.D. Cand.